The Power of "WE"

Here at Nativity, we pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive community. Our members come from various geographical and cultural backgrounds,

so anybody can call our church "home."

Community Involvement
Volunteers help build and grow our community. As Episcopalians, we believe in "drawing the circle wider." This means that we support and include everyone, and we expand our love beyond the Sanctuary's walls. We work to help every person we can. Every Sunday, the choir and acolytes create a beautiful service, and every summer,

the youth participates in various service activities. 

Fellowship and ministry opportunities.

Altar Guild: This group prepares the altar every Sunday.

Sunday school:  There are adult and youth Sunday school opportunities after services every Sunday.

See Nicole Phillips or Mother Rita for more information.

Nativity Choir: Our church choir rehearses on the last Wednesday of the month.  

They perform every Sunday during service.  All are welcome!  

Talk to Charlesworth Gordon for more information.

Men's Group: On the second Friday of every month, the men of the parish get together for

fellowship and food. All men welcome.  Bring a dish and "malt" beverage of your choice to

share. Talk to Ben Terry for more information. 

Women's Group: On the second Saturday of every month, the women gather for the betterment of the church.  

This group plans for, and organizes fund raising. See Marcia Meikle for more information.

Women, Wine and Words: On the first Saturday of every month, the women gather to feed our bodies with food and wine, and our minds with book discussions.  The current book is posted on the parish calendar. Talk to Nicole Phillips or Debbie Ford for more information.

​Path to Shine:  Members of the church tutor and mentor local youth.  Training is provided.  

See Mother Rita, or Nicole Phillips if you are interested in this ministry.

​​The Episcopal Church of the Nativity

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